whiteash-bookcase-detailToday we want to highlight one of the tools we use to make furniture and one of the most important tools used in furniture building is a Joiner. Joiners cut equal slots into 2 different pieces of wood and introduces a third piece of wood to fill those slots and bring those pieces together without the need for metal fasteners like nails or screws. The industry ?standards? are either the ?Biscuit Joiner?, which uses a very small flat/thin football shaped biscuit, which does add durability to the joint. Or old fashioned dowel rods. At Contemporary Woods on the other hand, we use the Festool Domino Joiner. This tool cuts a much larger slot into the pieces of wood, which gives our furniture a much tighter and precise joint. And more glue surface to create a tighter bond.? The ?Domino? looks just like the children?s toy and is about the same size. We are so proud to employ this revolutionary tool here at Contemporary Woods Furniture because using the best equipment helps us produce the best, most durable furniture you can buy anywhere in Lincoln, NE. We know you can?t see what?s inside your furniture holding boards together, but, this method is second to none. Come in and see a sample of the Festool Domino and you?ll be amazed at the difference.