end-tables-duplication2-webRecently, we had a customer come in who had found the perfect piece of furniture for their living room. They were looking for end tables and they found exactly what they wanted, except for the fact that they wanted a pair and they wanted one to be larger than the other. The customer had originally gone to Lincoln Mattress & Furniture, our next door neighbors, and when they realized over there what the customer was wanting, they sent them over our way!


We were able to take the end table they had found and scale it to the size they wanted while maintaining the exact shape and proportions of the piece they fell in love with and were able to add a custom matched finish as well. In the end, they had the exact set of end tables they wanted. The customer was thrilled and we were happy to see the look on their face when they got exactly what they were looking for!


One of our greatest enjoyments of what we do is being able to build exactly what that customer is looking for. Size, shape, finish, whatever that particular need or want is, we can usually take what they have in their head and make that furniture dream and reality for them and that is a really great feeling for us!


Now, the real question of this post is: Can you tell which piece was the piece we created at the Contemporary Woods shop and which one was the piece from Lincoln Mattress & Furniture?

Stop by Contemporary Woods today and let us know what your dream piece of furniture is. Then watch as we create a piece that will turn your dream into a reality!