oakwood3Selecting furniture can be a daunting task, especially when you walk into a store with so many options to choose from. But spending a little time thinking about the space you are buying for, along with understanding what styles are out there will make a huge difference. Here are a few of the most popular furniture styles.


Traditional: This style is made up of furnishings from a variety of time periods, such as the 18th and 19th centuries, and often reflects British Colonial and French country styling. Plush, muted fabrics, curved lines, intricate details, mid-tone colors and dark woods are often seen.


Contemporary: Solid, bold pops or monochromatic colors, along with sleek, clean lines are used in contemporary design of furniture and accessories. The furniture can also feature sharp corners, wide curves, straight lines and metals, and it often sits lower to the ground.


Modern: This style comes from the 1930’s and focuses on the absence of decoration and clean, streamlined furniture and architecture. Polished surfaces, neutral colors, asymmetry and geometric shapes and patterns make up the modern style. The furniture is characterized by simplicity and functionality, and is often made up of chrome, black leather, ultra suede and glass features.


Eclectic: This is a catch-all style, which has characteristics of several other design styles. Eclectic furniture uses contrasts, often in unexpected ways, to evoke imagination. It sometimes appears to just be anything and everything thrown together and called design, but it actually uses well-thought out colors, patterns, textures and composition. Characteristics include: vintage features, bright colors, mixed motifs, and lots of accessories.


Art Deco: This furniture style originates from the 1920’s and 30’s. The characteristics include: streamlined, geometric patterns featuring mirrored accents, rounded corners and fronts, glass tops and chrome hardware.


Country: When you think of country, you may automatically think white and floral. These two features are definitely popular in country style furniture, but the overall goal of the design style is to capture rustic elegance. Wood paneling, pops of red, black or pure white accents, muted hues, and checkered and striped vintage fabric patterns are also very common. Another popular style of country furniture is feminine country, which features pinks, greens, blues and lush rose patterns. The furniture is often overstuffed and contains ruffled skirting.


Shabby Chic: This style has grown in popularity over the recent years, but originates from Britain, and the term shabby chic was coined in 1980 by Rachel Ashwell. Shabby chic design style is cottage-inspired, and features painted motifs, floral prints in muted colors and distressed furniture.


By taking the time to think through your design plan for your space and understanding the different styles of furniture, selecting the perfect pieces will be much simpler.