IMG_3593Last month, we had a client come in who had seen a piece in one of our fliers. She wanted it to be the perfect color and was very nervous about making sure it was just right. We promised her we could do it, and we must have exceeded her expectations, because when we delivered the piece, she was overjoyed. Here are some of the things that Ce Ce had to say about her new piece of wood furniture:

[Adam] promised me something, and he came through perfectly. He looked me right in the eye and said, ‘I can do it. I can get it right for you.’ And he did, 100%. The piece is outstanding.”

“Adam is honest, respectful and knows how to work with his customers. He wasn’t pushy. He just wanted to make me happy and get me what I wanted. And he did. I feel like I saw the heart of Adam instead of just a salesman.”

“My husband and I just built this house and I really wanted it to fit with everything else I have. It made my holidays. I wanted everything to be perfect for this year in our new home and this was the final touch.”


Note from the employee who called for Ce Ce’s testimonial: Reading this doesn’t do it justice, so I just had to add a little more about this testimonial interview. Adam called to let me know that he had just dropped off a piece and he thought the client might be willing to give a testimonial. This was an understatement. When I called Ce Ce, you could hear it in her voice; the excitement, the relief that it was done right, the pride she had in her new piece of furniture. For the first five minutes, I didn’t get to say a whole lot. She just couldn’t say enough good things about the piece and her experience. “I hugged him, like, 4 times,” she told me. I wrote as fast as I could to get everything she was saying down and found my smile widen with each time she exclaimed, “He did it!” or “He came through!” or “it’s perfect!” Getting to make that call truly made my day, and if I would have know just how much excitement and joy would be in this woman’s voice, I would have recorded the phone call. When she said to me, “I saw the heart of Adam…” I knew that this woman got it. She saw what all of us, here, know. Adam has a passion for providing his customers with quality wood furniture that he knows is exactly what they are looking for and is going to last them for generations to come.


Thank you, again, Ce Ce, for the fantastic testimonial and for all your kind words! We are so happy you are enjoying your new piece of furniture and look forward to working with you more in the future!