At Contemporary Woods, we thoroughly enjoy being able to bring custom wood furniture pieces to our customers that truly make them happy, increase the aesthetics of their home and fit their specific, individual needs. When we are able to do so, and that customer lets us know, it really makes our day… well, let’s face it, it makes our week and sometimes our month. So, thank you to everyone who has ever sent us a kind email, given us a quick phone call or provided us with a testimonial after we’ve delivered a piece of wood furniture to your home.

Recently, we delivered a shelf to JJ that would help to illuminate his piece of artwork he has hanging in his living room, above his couch. This shelf needed to be a precise size so that it would fit in the exact spot the client wanted it without looking out of place. We are so happy we were able to meet JJ’s needs to the extent that he sent us the following email:


I am really enjoying the shelf you and Adam made for me and installed. It really complements the room and does precisely what I wanted. The mixed media painting above the shelf is now properly illuminated so I can enjoy it. And the shelf itself is a handsome example of the superb quality of your work! Please share my thanks with Adam and all of the folks at Contemporary Woods. My apartment shines from the warmth of the wood you turn into fine furniture. I remain a great fan of CW.

Happy Holidays to you all! Thank you!



Thank you, JJ for your kind words! We look forward to creating more pieces for you in the future!

If you are needing a custom piece of wood furniture, please give us a call or come down to our store so we can help you turn your vision into your dream piece of furniture!