Desk-Drawers01When you think about Contemporary Woods, what comes to mind?


Is it that custom made dining room table that you?re neighbor just had delivered?


Or, maybe it?s the heirloom quality rocking chair that you?re planning on surprising your daughter with?you know, the one that will ?complete? the nursery?


It could even be the gorgeous, custom-made-just-for-your-kitchen cabinets that you?ve been dreaming about.


And, you know we make desks because the one you just purchased for your home office was designed and built by us.


However, have you ever thought about the fact that we also make board room tables? Or that we?re able to design ?whole room? concepts for waiting rooms and reception areas? We can even create new pieces to blend seamlessly with existing office furniture.


We do all of this and more because we believe the customer should never have to settle. The philosophy here at Contemporary Woods is simple and to the point ? a person should get what they want, not just take whatever is available. This philosophy applies to businesses and commercial ventures as well.


We know that each business is its own unique entity and wants to be identified as such ? hence their individualized logos, slogans, store-fronts, and what-not. And, while we know that there are plenty of office supply stores out there that can ? and do ? offer a selection of ?ready-made? office furniture, we?re able to provide our customers ? ALL of our customers ? something radically different?furniture (be it for their home or business) that?s made especially for them.


This means that the funky, retro-cool salon you?re planning on opening doesn?t have to settle for the exact same ?big box? furniture as the accounting firm down the street (however, you should totally give them our card!). It also means that you don?t have shrug your shoulders in defeat after looking at umpteen different reception desks and not being able to find a single one that matches your vision.


That?s because those of us here at Contemporary Woods are able to provide something different ? we possess the ability to offer custom designed pieces and work spaces that are tailored to meet your specific needs. If you?ve got an idea in mind, share it with us?our goal is to help make your vision a reality! By providing our customers with high quality, custom pieces that fit both their style and their individual needs to a ?T?, we?re able to fill a very underserved segment of the market – one that puts the needs of the customer first.


So, if you?re searching for a sleek, sturdy, and stylish conference table for your board room, we?re the ones to call. Or, if you?re looking to create a reception area that?s truly one-of-a-kind, we?re the ones that can help make that happen. Maybe you?ve just opened a small business and are wanting to furnish your offices with desks and built-ins that flow effortlessly from room to room, as opposed to looking haphazardly ?stock?.


Regardless of what you?re looking for, Lincoln?s very own Contemporary Woods can bring your vision to life. If you can dream it, we can build it!