Although we build furniture that we dream up and design, we are also able to build furniture that you dream up. Whether you come in with an idea you describe to us or with detailed drawings (the detailed drawings do help – as you will see in this blog) we can work with you to create a piece you’ve been dreaming of.

Sketch-1copyA while back, we had a gentleman come in who wanted/needed a very specific design of shelves. He brought with him, to our delight, very detailed sketches of exactly what we was looking for and asked if we would be able to build them for him. Of course, we said yes. His drawings (pictured) were phenomenal (he’s a professional architect, so these were easy for him to do) and the craftsmanship we’d get to put into the piece was going to be beautiful!

After the shelves were delivered to the gentleman, he sent us a photo (shown) of the finished project, and this is what he had to say:

“My wife inherited a Christmas plate collection a couple of years ago and has kept it up every since. When we built our new home, we had a large display wall as you were going down the steps, so we decided that instead of packing the plates away, we could display them as art on this wall. So, I went about designing these display shelves and was going to build them, but it was taking longer than I thought to get around to it. Adam (owner of Contemporary Woods) was a student of mine back in college, so I went to his store to see if it was something he could do. I think he really liked my drawings. He took one look and said, ‘Absolutely!’ He estimated it would take about four weeks and he was right on schedule. He and his staff did a great job finishing out my design and matching it exactly to the woodwork that was already in our home. The entire project was well-executed and timely. I am so pleased with the result and how much they were willing to work with me to provide me with exactly what I wanted. They turned out beautifully.”