At Contemporary Woods, we get a lot of common questions from people like how do you know if your client has a good idea? Or what do you do if your client has a bad idea? 

Well, there’s really no bad ideas. It’s just a matter of the right application for the right product and the right solution. 

A common question we get is, How do you know where to put appliances? And how do you hide appliances behind doors? 

Let’s go through the three different options of what you could do with the appliances:

    1. You could put the appliance right behind the cabinet doors, which means you have to open the cabinet door every time you want to get access to the appliance 
    2. You could put that appliance behind pocket doors where those doors open up, and then they slide into a pocket. 
    3. You could have a set of bifold doors. Which open as a pair and fold against one side (left or right) of the cabinet.

All these are fine solutions. They just depends on what application they go in, and how the client is going to use them. 

Our job is to guide the client stream to their solution with the right ideas, and the right expertise, as our experiences will shape how we can use those products for our clients in the future. 

It’s never a “bad idea”, It’s more of how can we find the right solution to meet your demands and educate each other. We get educated on how the client works in our kitchen, and the client gets educated on how the products work. 

So in the end, it’s a good collaboration, and there’s never really a right or wrong answer. It’s more of the right or wrong application.