oakwooddeskA while back we talked about the difference between solid wood and engineered wood. Now we want to tell you more about the advantages of purchasing solid wood over engineered wood. (And, trust us, there are many!)

1. It?s less expensive: ?In the beginning, yes, solid wood IS more expensive than engineered wood. But, over time, that manufactured wood will degrade and have to be replaced. Many, MANY pieces of solid wood furniture have been passed down from generation to generation, whereas manufactured wood products need to be replaced and replaced…and replaced again, which will end up costing you more in the long run.

2. It looks nicer: ?Many people have said that you can?t even tell the difference these days between solid wood and the engineered stuff. ?Our take on that thought is this…people who say that have seen too much of the engineered stuff and not enough solid pieces. In their defense, the engineered stuff is literally everywhere now. ?However, there is a very distinct different in the look and feel of a solid wood piece verses a manufactured one. ?Come down to our store and we?ll show you how furniture should look – we promise, you?ll never look at manufactured wood the same!

3. It stays nicer longer: ?Because of how engineered wood is made, it only looks the way it looks to the naked eye on the top layer. ?Once that top layer is scratched, scarred, or dented that piece cannot look the same again. Solid wood, on the other hand, is solid the whole way through so, when something happens to it, it can be easily restored to look good as new!

4. You can change the look of it: ?So, after reading these first three you?re thinking, ?Well, maybe I don?t want furniture that long! I like to redecorate every 5-10 years and I?ll need to replace the piece anyway.? With solid wood, you can restain the piece at any time to change the look of it. (You can?t do that with engineered wood.)

There is just no replacement for solid wood furniture, so stop by our store today and see what the fuss is all about! We can help you find the perfect piece for your home and if you can?t find it in our store, we?d be happy to make it for you!